Privacy Policy

Privacy as it applies to this website, but also the approach in Data Science.


This site makes use of Google, Azure and Bing to track traffic and user actions. Both search engines offer analytical tools that show the search terms used to find this site and the pages visited. There are also additional functions used available in Google Analytics, Azure Application Insights and Bing Webmaster that control the actions of site crawlers to index pages and content. Google Analytics, Bing Webmaster and GitHub may use Cookies and IP address tracking. GitHub may also collect the readers activities and collect your comments including your GitHub username based on GitHub submissions.

Apart from a voluntary submission of contact information, this site does not track you directly. All information provided by this site is not shared with any third party. Information provided as contact details, will be used for this purpose only.

Information supplied to this site as part of technology demonstrations (such as chatbots, predictive systems etc.) will not capture or store any personal information. All the data provided will be used anonymously for research purposes to improve the technology shown.

All information collected directly or indirectly is used to track usage of this site, so that improvements can be made where it shows certain behaviours in the data. The usage of the collected data won't cause the visitors to object or complain. Please visit Google and Bing's privacy information to find out how the data they collect is shared.

Privacy in Data Science

Apart from the privacy of visitors to this site, there are privacy principles that apply to Data Science as well. Most of the original data sources contain personal data in some form. This is because these data sources are linked directly to production systems that make use of this data as part of their business.

It is up to data engineers and data scientists to develop privacy processes that protect and preferably obfuscate any personal information. In most analytical scenarios, detailed personal information does not add any specific value because the topic of study is the behaviour of groups of people behaving similarly or in a predictable way.